The Gazebo is of No Importance

The Cebelian Chronicle, Issue 1: Editorial Column

Flavius is Floundering

My people, know now that the times of peace in Cebelia are over. I have seen for many years this day coming; from the very start of the reign of His Foolishness, Flavius III, I knew the glorious days of our once great kingdom were numbered. Yes, my people, gone are the days of constant tears and bloodshed from the brutal war against Vaimar had been won. But ask yourselves this; have those barbarians really changed their ways since then? Even now, they still possess the audacity to make such absurd postures as sending raiders to capture Cebelian ships, levying egregious taxes on trade across the southern border, and now kidnapping the princess herself! And what has King Flavius done amidst all this? Precisely nothing. The sole heir to the throne is being held captive by a nation of bloodthirsty monsters, and His Highness does nothing but rest upon His Royal Laurels, leaving a rag-tag party of know-nothing nobodies to do his bidding.
Friends, I do not suggest starting another war with the people of Vaimar, should we grant them the pleasure of being called such. However, mobilizing against those brutes would hardly be starting much of anything, now would it? Shall we continue to live in fear of those who continually cast the first stone? I say nay.



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