The Gazebo is of No Importance

Letter to Taurus by Meteorus

My friend, I am in dire need of your wisdom. You know as well as I do the threat imposed by the zombies on the people of this realm. This is why we, in our old company, always made our best efforts to avoid contact with them whenever possible. Unfortunately, I seem to have found myself in a situation which renders such contact unavoidable. I have been recruited to help several nobles from Cebelia on a mission to recover a certain objective. While these people have been reasonable with me and treated me with respect, our mission has yielded an enourmous amount of undead activity in our path. Early this morning, I came closer to death than ever before in my career, and was only able to survive thanks to the swift thinking and aid of my teammates. I need the knowledge of your experience, friend. I need to know how to fight the undead well. If there is anything you can tell me, I pray it comes swiftly. Send your reply via courier to Upside. I will pick it up there. Godspeed, commander.




Letter to Taurus by Meteorus

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