The Gazebo is of No Importance

Anathenor's Journal - Carrion

April 12, 258, Age of Calm,
Strange happenings today. Met up with a friend of One-Shoe’s, strange fellow named Trickfoot. Bit impulsive but a damned good fighter. Stayed with him last night, only to be attacked by a group of zombies that broke off from the pack attacking Needus. Helped the city guards fight off the undead, larger force than usual but not especially threatening – mostly drudge zombies with a few ghouls. Got jumped by some kind of undead crows inside the city though. Seemed to be animated by something other than the usual spirit infestations, some kind of magic-augmented necromancy. They shrugged off a turn as though it were nothing. Weren’t particularly tough on individually but they had organization much higher than usual undead.
It was strange, while we were fighting them, at one point they formed… well. No. It couldn’t be. Someone in Vaimar is trying to mess with our heads. We’re heading to Mount Jormund to consult the mages there. Need to get to the bottom of this.

It couldn’t be…



Learn to spell Vaimar, whore.

Anathenor's Journal - Carrion

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