Bio - Anathenor Evergale

Shielguiarra Anathenor Drasylle Evergale
Consul for Orchyre

Race: Half-Elven
Class: Cleric of Obad-Hai (Air and Water Domains)
Age: 26
Home: Orchyre, Currently residing in Bellesaere
Elder Starcrown Evergale Father, recently found dead amidst murky circumstances
Lady Cassandra Whipwillow of Bellesaere Mother, died when Anathenor was 14
Hermes Gigas Evergale Younger Brother, Knight in the service of Cebelia

     Shielguiarra Anathenor Drasylle Evergale, The Wind’s Shadow, Son of Starcrown, is a Cebelian noble, consul to King Flavius III on behalf on the city of Orchyre. Evergale rose to the consulate in spite of his young age when his father, Elder Consul Starcrown Rokshiel Evergale, was found dead amidst the ruins of his caravan on the road between Bellesaere and Orchyre. Due to his age and responsibilities, Anathenor feels as though he must prove his worth to the other consuls – regardless of whether or not they actually doubt him. More legitimately, Evergale has found that he must struggle to prove himself worthy of his father’s chair on the Council of Orchyre, a half-elf among true bloods.
     Evergale was trained as a cleric under the Priests of Obad-Hai in Orchyre and has demonstrated a tremendous will to fight to protect his homeland, having earned the title “Shielguiarra” (warden of the land in Elven) during the numerous campaigns to defend Orchyre against the undead and has, in turn, sworn to defend Cebellia from all threats.
     In spite of his noble status and divine training, Evergale is known to use what some would refer to as “unorthodox methodologies” to accomplish his goals. While his intentions are pure, Anathenor is ready and willing to bend or outright break the rules of polite society if it is justified in his eyes.
     As of late, Evergale became engaged to wed the Cebellian princess, Celestia. Upon her disappearance, Anathenor joined the Royal Search Party in order to bring her back to Bellesaere safely.

Physical Description
     Aside from being somewhat more powerfully built than full elves, Evergale retains his father’s elven features, unlike his brother, Hermes. The most distinguishing thing that gives away his human heritage is his height; Anathenor stands at six feet tall, large for even a human. His face is sharp and square and his expression neutral. A mane of straight, white hair hangs over his high cheekbones and down past his shoulders, pulled back into orderly ponytails and braids only during official proceedings. The half-elven man stands with conviction, scanning his situation with gray eyes, always slightly tense and ready to act. Given his clerical background, Anathenor is surprisingly athletic, if a bit clumsy at times. In battle, Anathenor wears splint mail dyed green and black with colors produced at his family’s estate in Orchyre and a blackened heavy steel shield, stamped with the seal of Cebelia. His weapon of choice is an elven variant of the morning star, rechristened “Mourning Glory” in the wake of his father’s death. When he does not engage in melee combat, Anathenor prefers to sit at a distance and support melee fighters with his spells and his heavy crossbow, “Galesong.”

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Anathenor Evergale

Bio - Anathenor Evergale

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