Map of Bellesaere
Bellesaere is a bustling and large city an host to Castle Aaaaaaaaaagghhhh – as to be expected of Cebelia’s capitol. You can find every kind of person imaginable there. From thieves to artisans and noble to merchant there is not limitation on the amount of interesting people.

The city is also known as one of the two greatest Cebelian engineering projects (the other being High Bridge). Although the island on which Bellesaere rests was naturally formed the land bridge, aqueduct system, and peninsula surrounding the city were all the brilliant creations of Cebelia’s best minds.

The location of Bellesaere was chosen originally for its inaccessibility to the undead as an island with no access but by boat it was the ultimate defense against the (then far more prolific) Zombies

The addition of the peninsula prevents Bellesaere from possible attack by sea by its more human enemies. The land bridge and aqueduct system work in tandem to keep out the undead while still providing easy access to the capitol.

There is unfortunately a nasty habit in the poorer sections of town. Without the money for a proper burial people must inter the dead in a watery grave to ensure that nothing returns in their corpse. As a result the north bay of Bellesaere has become know as Grave Bay and is filled with bodies.


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