The Gazebo is of No Importance

Letter to Taurus by Meteorus

My friend, I am in dire need of your wisdom. You know as well as I do the threat imposed by the zombies on the people of this realm. This is why we, in our old company, always made our best efforts to avoid contact with them whenever possible. Unfortunately, I seem to have found myself in a situation which renders such contact unavoidable. I have been recruited to help several nobles from Cebelia on a mission to recover a certain objective. While these people have been reasonable with me and treated me with respect, our mission has yielded an enourmous amount of undead activity in our path. Early this morning, I came closer to death than ever before in my career, and was only able to survive thanks to the swift thinking and aid of my teammates. I need the knowledge of your experience, friend. I need to know how to fight the undead well. If there is anything you can tell me, I pray it comes swiftly. Send your reply via courier to Upside. I will pick it up there. Godspeed, commander.


Anathenor's Journal - Carrion

April 12, 258, Age of Calm,
Strange happenings today. Met up with a friend of One-Shoe’s, strange fellow named Trickfoot. Bit impulsive but a damned good fighter. Stayed with him last night, only to be attacked by a group of zombies that broke off from the pack attacking Needus. Helped the city guards fight off the undead, larger force than usual but not especially threatening – mostly drudge zombies with a few ghouls. Got jumped by some kind of undead crows inside the city though. Seemed to be animated by something other than the usual spirit infestations, some kind of magic-augmented necromancy. They shrugged off a turn as though it were nothing. Weren’t particularly tough on individually but they had organization much higher than usual undead.
It was strange, while we were fighting them, at one point they formed… well. No. It couldn’t be. Someone in Vaimar is trying to mess with our heads. We’re heading to Mount Jormund to consult the mages there. Need to get to the bottom of this.

It couldn’t be…


The Cebelian Chronicle, Issue 1: Editorial Column
Flavius is Floundering

My people, know now that the times of peace in Cebelia are over. I have seen for many years this day coming; from the very start of the reign of His Foolishness, Flavius III, I knew the glorious days of our once great kingdom were numbered. Yes, my people, gone are the days of constant tears and bloodshed from the brutal war against Vaimar had been won. But ask yourselves this; have those barbarians really changed their ways since then? Even now, they still possess the audacity to make such absurd postures as sending raiders to capture Cebelian ships, levying egregious taxes on trade across the southern border, and now kidnapping the princess herself! And what has King Flavius done amidst all this? Precisely nothing. The sole heir to the throne is being held captive by a nation of bloodthirsty monsters, and His Highness does nothing but rest upon His Royal Laurels, leaving a rag-tag party of know-nothing nobodies to do his bidding.
Friends, I do not suggest starting another war with the people of Vaimar, should we grant them the pleasure of being called such. However, mobilizing against those brutes would hardly be starting much of anything, now would it? Shall we continue to live in fear of those who continually cast the first stone? I say nay.

Weylin's Journal

Eventful day.
The balance has been disrupted. Vaimar has struck an unforgivable blow against Cebelia. This will not pass without a response and the war will return.
The day started well and ended poorly. In place of rabbits, Cúweylin spotted a deer, and we were able to catch it. So as the deer eats, so do we.
The cannons came down like hail upon the leaves. They slammed into the buildings of the city. I have no doubt that many are dead.
We came across a monk, Grigori, and headed for the castle, to defend it from the one Vaimar ship heading that way. At the bridge we met with Meteorus, a half-orc (not from Vaimar), Laertes, a guard, Anathenor the noble, and Oneshoe the sorceress. We made our way through the castle to the King. Who we saved, though Albus, the sorcerer was slain by Vaa’rakesh, a bear amongst the deer that were his grunts. He escaped with the princess and we have been tasked to go after her.
Cúweylin suffered no noticeable injuries, and I only received a blow from an orcish axe, but was healed by Anathenor. Still smarts.
Gardener. Badger’s ass.

The Cebelian Chronicle, Volume XXI, Issue 1
Chaos in Bellesaere - War is on the Verge

The capital city, Bellesaere, is still reeling from the devastation of yesterday’s surprise assault by the Vaimarian navy on Castle Aaaaaaaaaagghhhh and the Noble’s District. The damages from the attack are estimated to be in the vicinity of millions of gold pieces in expenses and countless weeks of labor, but no price can be paid to restore the pride, glory, and stature of our majestic royal city.

The assault began around midday yesterday when a massive fleet of Vaimar ships closed in from the northeastern coast and opened fire on the Noble’s District. Concealed by the veil of smoke and panic from the cannons, a single ship peeled away from the main front and somehow docked along the cliffs surrounding the castle, allowing a unit of Vaimar raiders to storm the castle with a precision assault from the rear. The warband was eventually fought off and forced to retreat, but not before Her Highness Princess Celestia was taken captive and kidnapped from right outside the throne room.

Precise details on exactly how the the Vaimar forces were pushed out of the castle are still quite scarce, but numerous eyewitnesses reports have mentioned a never-before-seen task force of some six members penetrating the orc barricade along the bridge to Castle Aaaaaaaaaagghhhh, securing the path for reinforcements to assist in the battle upon their arrival from the south and west. However, witnesses’ descriptions of these vigilantes have been minimal at best: the only common link between any of the reports are as of yet unconfirmed rumors that Consular Anathenor Evergale of Orchyre was at the head.

We take a moment now to pray for one true hero of yesterday’s conflict, Albus Faradin Aerlund, Grand Sorcerer to the Royal Family, who was found dead in the throne room, his own life sacrificed to protect His Highness, the King. His Highness was still in shock from the kidnapping of his daughter, the Princess, but was still willing to provide this one limited commentary on the event.

“Albus has always been one of my most trusted men – perhaps, my closest friend in all of Cebelia. Even before his appointment as my Grand Sorcerer, he has never once made me question whether he would sooner give his own life for the sake of the kingdom. I only wish it would have never come to that choice. Rest in peace, friend; I promise your sacrifice will not be in vain.”

His Highness declined to comment on the rumors regarding the aforementioned “hidden task force” that supposedly paved the way for the counterattack, but assured our reporters that he has sent out a call to all strong and brave men willing to aid in the search for Princess Celestia. The King has not yet suggested the possibility of an full-on military retaliation, but did have this to say on the matter:

“Cebelia is a land marked by justice first and peace second. If Veimar wishes to negotiate a peaceful resolution to this conflict, then they will be met with open arms. However, if they refuse to cooperate, let them know that we Cebelians aren’t afraid to escalate this situation to whatever means necessary to return the princess.”

Anathenor's Journal - Ruin

April 8, 258, Age of Calm,
     Just awoke. Feeling better, not dead, I suppose that’s a plus. Still stiff as hell from that damned orc trying to cut me in half. It’s been three days since the incident. Castle’s in ruins, princess is kidnapped, Noble’s District is full of lead. Something’s going to have to be done. Wonder what could have provoked Vaimar to do something like that.

On the bright side, Weylin found the bolt I put through that bastard. Going to have to have that framed.



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