The Gazebo is of No Importance

Weylin's Journal

Eventful day.
The balance has been disrupted. Vaimar has struck an unforgivable blow against Cebelia. This will not pass without a response and the war will return.
The day started well and ended poorly. In place of rabbits, Cúweylin spotted a deer, and we were able to catch it. So as the deer eats, so do we.
The cannons came down like hail upon the leaves. They slammed into the buildings of the city. I have no doubt that many are dead.
We came across a monk, Grigori, and headed for the castle, to defend it from the one Vaimar ship heading that way. At the bridge we met with Meteorus, a half-orc (not from Vaimar), Laertes, a guard, Anathenor the noble, and Oneshoe the sorceress. We made our way through the castle to the King. Who we saved, though Albus, the sorcerer was slain by Vaa’rakesh, a bear amongst the deer that were his grunts. He escaped with the princess and we have been tasked to go after her.
Cúweylin suffered no noticeable injuries, and I only received a blow from an orcish axe, but was healed by Anathenor. Still smarts.
Gardener. Badger’s ass.



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